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Smart Stem Cell Collecting System

SMART M-CELL is not only accelerated stem cell migration to the wound but also promotes
proliferation in microenvironments by selective separated concentrated cells.
  • Auto-Rotation
  • Double Separate Rotation
  • Isolation Valve
  • LED Visible Light
  • Touch Screen and Voice Guide
Our technology is to extract living stem cells and growth factors specialized
for autologous stem cell regeneration therapy.
  • 14 patents, 8 designs, EU & 12 countries PCT international patents for
    Cell extraction technology


Bone Marrow Stem Cell Collecting Kits

All bone formation is determined by endothelial cells, hematopoietic stem cells,
mesenchymal stem cells, and their supporting accessory cells recruited at defective sites.
Autologous bone marrow stem cells can be the best choice in bone grafting. Bone marrow extracted
from the iliac crest is an optimal source of regenerative cells for angiogenesis, bone formation
and healing.

BmSC (Bone marrow stem cell steriled disposable kits)

  • BmSC+ ③ 30
  • BmSC+ ③ 60
  • BmSC+ ③ 120
  • BmSC+ ③ 240


Quality makes a difference


  • SMART M-CELL Catalog

    SMART M-CELL is developed based on world-class technology, it isolates and concentrates excellent amounts of living tissue regenerating cells from whole blood and bone marrow.

    관리자 03-31
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  • Stem Cell Innovation System, SMART M-CELL2

    SMART M-CELL2 is an automatic isolation and extraction system, developed based on scientific patent technology to maximum cell viability and recovery rate.

    관리자 09-19
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Smart M-Cell is different from the conventional centrifuge for cells that concentrated on platelets and centrifuged.
We provide total cells that have been separated and concentrated to cells For tissue regeneration, stem cells, growth factors, white blood cells, platelets, SDF-1α
(stem cell migration signaling material)
And a small amount of red blood cells is essential, and Smart M-Cell separates and concentrates only the necessary ingredients.